Finally in Sydney after a long trip! I barely noticed the jet lag, I was already exhausted after walking all over Singapore and those long flights without sleep. The city is fairly recent, and it has its history although it will never be able to compete with European cities in that sense. I had the confirmation after a few days, as I already had anticipated, that Australia was more about its nature, landscapes and breathtaking sights than its (western) history. What can I say about this country? I love it, it has all the advantages of a developed country with a low population and a lot of land. Everything is well taken care of, the economy runs well, people are respectful and warm. Things are expensive here though, but it is the price you pay for living in such a nice country (in which by the way the salaries are also very decent).


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I spent 12 hours in total in Singapore, half of which I spent in the city. Singapore is a very peculiar place where many cultures mix. There are Chinese, Malay and Indian people living in Singapore, but if you go through the Business district you will also find some Westerners which are not tourists.



Singapore can be seen as a hub for finance and transportation. The city is very clean, and this is a result of very strict laws which prevent the city to enter a state of uncleanliness and chaos (bare in mind that the population density in Singapore is very high). Singapore’s amount of shiny sky scrappers and parks let you see that it is a vibrant and growing city.


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Travelling to Australia

It is a long trip from Europe! I departed from Brussels (Belgium) on Monday the 16th of November and arrived in Sydney on Wednesday. I wanted to take a break between my two long haul flights and decided to go with a 12 hours layover at Singapore. The only way I could do that was by booking my flight through a third party such as Priceline. Booking the flight on the official Singapore Airlines website would not allow me to pick my flight and would automatically put me on the next available flight after arrival.

I am unable to sleep while travelling, let alone in planes. When I arrived at Changi Airport I was a bit tired but I received two vouchers upon arrival (you have to ask for them and prove that you have a layover of a few hours), one of which I used to enter a lounge where I took a shower and ate something (for free, all covered by the voucher). The shower was really refreshing but when I exited the airport I realized I should have taken it after visiting Singapore! It was extremely hot and humid that day! The second voucher can be spent on cosmetic purchases, so I got a cream a bit under the voucher value (20 SGD), again for free! Not only can you receive these vouchers but the airport itself is amazing: it has rest areas, small attractions such as a butterfly garden, lots of shops, wifi, and the list goes on. Definitely recommended for a layover.

The second flight was shorter but after long walks through Singapore and three nights with barely no sleep (yes, I did not sleep the night before my trip) I arrived in Sydney with my Zombie Mode ON. Luckily, going through customs was a breeze and I had no trouble finding the shuttle that would take to my first hostel.

And there I was, after thousand of kilometers, on the other side of the Planet, with my body upside down!

PS: Big thumbs up to Singapore Airlines, I had a good experience, the was a great variety of movies, the food was good and they avoided all conflict areas (Ukraine as well as the Middle East).

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